Benefits Of Getting Multiple Insurance Quotes All At Once

Looking for the lowest health insurance quotes? Consumers can derive an added advantage of getting multiple insurance quotes for each line of insurance. By getting multiple insurance quotes from different companies you will dramatically increase your chances of saving money on insurance premiums. Also, the importance of getting a good company with a fair price cannot be stressed enough. Here’s how you can do it by following a few easy steps.

Identify Plans That Fit Your Requirements

There is a wide array of insurance companies and insurance plans available in the market today. However, only a limited number of insurance plans will actually meet your needs. This is where the challenge arises. You will have to identify those plans that will fit your policy requirements and budget perfectly. The disparity in rates between insurance companies can often vary significantly. Simply shop around and compare multiple insurance quotes for each line of insurance. This will help a consumer save a considerable amount of money on insurance premiums.

Check What The Competitors Have To Offer

Finding a good company with integrity that offers a fair price, is crucial. Always compare what the competitors have to offer. Through an online quote comparison service, several people have been able to save greatly on their health insurance quotes. Inquire whether the insurance plan has any out of network coverage? If yes, how do the benefits differ from the in network benefits? Does it cover accidents? Find the relevant coverage that will suit your needs at the best possible rates.

Consider Multiple Line Insurance

Another easy way of saving up to 10% on your insurance premiums, is by getting multiple line insurance discounts. You can get various insurance policies such as health, life, car, property etc, under one insurance company’s roof. This will typically lower your aggregate rates if you let the insurer underwrite multiple coverages. Cheaper rates can be obtained by getting multitude quotes from a single company. In other words, if you are seeking multiple line of business with your insurance company, such as life and auto insurance, then you can easily save money by getting coverage from one company. Keep this in mind while comparing rates for getting multi-line savings.

Combine Multi Line Insurance Policies With Multiple Insurance Quotes For Affordable Coverage

Have you ever heard of the phrase – safety in numbers? Or have you ever heard of the phrase – two minds are better than one? We have always been taught that it is better to deal in higher numbers than in lower. You should follow this rule when searching for insurance for automobile, your life or your health.

Seek insurance for your car from an insurance provider. Visit another insurer and seek insurance for two cars. Visit another insurer and seek insurance for your health, home, life as well as your car. Which insurer will offer the best deal?

Which agent will call you more often and would provide information regularly? Which agent will be more interested in finding out whether you will take a quick decision or not?

People ignore this simple rule and often complain that they cannot find affordable insurance. If you are switching insurance companies, just switch all your policies in bulk. This will increase the chances of getting affordable deals.

Most of us avoid this approach because it is filled with complications. There are some insurance companies that specialize in a particular niche. Operating outside the niche is going to lead to higher cost.

This is where multiple quote comparison websites enters the picture. You should log on to the web and obtain estimates of insuring your health, life, home and car. You will get quotes from top reputed insurance companies operating in the field.

Once you have these quotes, you should contact a single service provider and seek the estimate of insuring all the above mentioned objects from a single insurer. Simply calculate the cheapest deal offered by multiple insurance companies and compare them with quotes offered by the single insurance company.

Find out which insurance deal is more profitable. If dealing with different companies is more profitable, you simply have to point this to the single insurance agent you are dealing with.

Chances are high that your agent will acknowledge your research and will be prepared to lower the cost of insurance. You will be treated like a special customer and will be given a special deal just because you are offering bulk business.

It is important to compare insurance quotes before getting signed up with an insurance policy. When you compare insurance quotes you can rest assured you are saving both time and money because you are guaranteed to get the lowest insurance quote.

What You Need to Know About Purchasing From Surplus Lines Insurance

A proprietor normally aims for an insurance to cover his business from sudden pitfalls. And with this interest alone, he searches for the best company to back him up and tries to apply for any coverage that he wants for his biz. However, it is not at all times that businesses get approved whenever they apply for business security coverage. This might be quite frustrating to hear, but it is true in the United States; however, an insurer called surplus lines insurance can get you covered on tough and disappointing times like this.

Common reasons of disapproval on insurance applications are: (1) questionable business stability; (2) the applying company does not meet the standard qualifications of a certain insurer’s policy; (3) the business is either considered substandard or unusual in terms of their procedures or income generation processes; and (4) the applicant company is just too big for the insurance company to handle. Any of the above mentioned reasons might lead to disapproval on insurance application requests which are a little disappointing especially to the business owners.

Nonetheless, the existence of surplus lines insurance gives you and your business the kind of coverage that legal and approved insurers in your state cannot provide you. It does not mean that the aforementioned insurers are not legal; they just have policies that are not approved by the state but are legally accepted to be operating as a biz as well. The only difference between the approved insurer and surplus insurers is that the latter can quote you prices that are not duly approved by the state. However, they are the only ones you can entrust your whole company with especially if you want to get some coverage to ensure business safety.

Now in looking for a good surplus lines insurance company to work for you, bear in mind that you should not trust any of them all the way immediately. You should see to it the insurer is licensed, but apparently not in your state but is welcome to operate there, has a good reputation in terms of giving policies and insurance for their customers to buy and keep, and is monitored by some agencies in the government that will ensure you of the safety of their whole operations. Take note that these companies should not be considered as frauds because it is not a reason that they are not licensed in your state, it is their choice to not operate as a legally approved insurer in your state but rather in a surplus running policy.

Moreover, you need to bear in mind that investing in a surplus line insurance does not guarantee you a 100% money back when the insurer fails because of bankruptcy. And this is the biggest challenge for you. The only consolation or better way for you to make sure that this would not happen to the company of your choice sooner (if not forever) is to conduct a research and background check. Do not always trust word of mouth. When you receive an information about a certain company, it is always safe to check the insurer by yourself. You can do this either by using the internet (if the said company has their own website) or maybe search for customer feedbacks about their service. Otherwise, you can physically visit their location and try to assess by questioning them things that you think will help you determine if their business is legit and trustworthy.

Sleeping With the Enemy Might Be The Only Way to Save Personal Lines Insurance

The last decade has brought tumultuous changes to the insurance industry and especially to the way insurance is sold. We now find ourselves in a world where insurers have become some of the top spending advertisers in the country with Progressive coming at #22 and Uncle Warren’s Geico at #5. Each of those insurers individually spent more on advertising than perennial television spender, Budweiser, who finishes the list at #25. All of this ad spending is working and last year Geico passed Allstate to become the second biggest auto insurer in the country.

This deluge of advertising has been largely focused on price, and it is no secret that it has convinced the average consumer that personal lines insurance is a commodity where the only thing that matters is finding the lowest price. Many analysts such as McKinsey and Nomura Equity Research have declared that insurance is now a commodity. Those of us who work in the industry understand that this is simply not true. Personal lines insurance is not by any means a commodity that ought to be bought on price alone. Personally, we love Chubb’s tagline “Who insures you doesn’t matter. Until it does.”

It’s not just who insures you, but also what your insurance contract says, how high your limits are, how well it is protecting you, and especially whether that contract properly matches your own personal circumstances and need for protection. Several great articles, like this one from Bill Wilson at Insurance Thought Leadership, have appeared in the industry press by coverage experts much more experienced than us, explaining in length and with illustrative examples of how cheap insurance might just as well be no insurance when a large loss happens. As Bill points out “consumers are being duped into believing that personal lines insurance is a commodity, with the only significant difference being price. Nothing could be further from the truth.” We’re not aiming to replicate those explanations here rather we want to offer a crazy idea that just might help us save personal lines from becoming further commoditized.

The articles mentioned above have the right information, but they are targeting the wrong audience. What is sorely needed is a concentrated industry marketing campaign to explain to the general public how insurance is not at all a commodity. We completely agree with Bill and other experts who have shown why insurance isn’t a commodity, but we believe that we have to go further than just getting insurance agents (many of whom are already trying to get their customers interested in looking beyond price) to explain it to their customers. We need a concentrated public facing marketing campaign.

Uncle Warren has made it very clear in his shareholder letters that he will spend whatever is necessary in marketing for Geico to continue growing – giving the Gecko an essentially unlimited wallet. The adorable Australian reptile spends the great majority of his time talking about cheaper rates, every once in a while about customer service, but pretty much never about having proper coverage that meets your need.

Price-focused insurers Geico and Progressive together spend around $1.6 Billion a year on advertising. Quite simply, none of the more traditional service and coverage focused insurers can compete with that much spending on their own.

As you can see above, the vast spending is working. In just over a decade, Geico has moved up to the 2nd highest market share from being only the 6th in 2001. If this continues, it would be no surprise to see Geico surpass the top share within the next decade. Similarly, Progressive, another price focused carrier, has almost doubled its market share, while the traditional customer service focused companies that we mentioned, with the exception of Liberty Mutual, who acquired Safeco during this time, have all seen their market shares shrink. In 2001 Geico and Progressive together accounted for 9.5% market share. By 2013 they have managed to just about double it to 18.7%.

Here’s where our crazy idea comes in: We propose that a group of traditional, customer service and coverage focused insurance carriers start an alliance and dedicate a significant part of their marketing budget into explaining to the people that insurance is really about much more than price alone, showing explicit stories from real people and statistics about the real cost of low-price insurance.

Imagine the three biggest mutual insurance carriers SF, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide, coming together and starting a marketing alliance to educate the public. Let’s tentatively call it the National Mutual Insurers Alliance. Together, the three biggest mutuals spend around $1.55 Billion a year on marketing, very close to Geico and Progressive’s total spend. Obviously the three companies can’t dedicate their entire marketing budget to this project, but if they dedicated some 20% of their budget, a total of around $310 Million per year, they could make a real difference in explaining this important issue to the consumer. Then, they could involve other smaller regional mutuals to participate as minority partners in the effort.

Here’s an idea of what the commercials might look like (although we’re sure the actual marketers at the carriers can do much better):

The opening sequence shows a middle aged couple. The legend underneath says “Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Not a dramatization.”

Mrs. Jones: “We had been insured by our local Liberty agent since college. We really had nothing against him, he was a great guy and always treated us well. But times were tough in 2008, Gary had lost his job, and we were on a limited budget. Like everyone else, we had seen hundreds of commercials about cheap insurance, and right after getting rid of cable, we called them for a quote. We were very happy when they saved us $400 a year.”

Her voice crackles as she goes on:

Mrs. Jones: “We really had no idea that the policy was so different. We never even speed. We never thought we’d ever have a big accident.”

The video fades to a real picture of a car that suffered a rear-end accident. Mrs. Jones’ SUV rear-ended a small coupe. The bumpers are gone but otherwise there’s not that much damage.

Mr. Jones: “At first, we thought everything was fine. The woman driving the other car was a little sore, but she said she would be fine. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance as a precaution, but she was released the same day. We had insurance and thought we had full coverage. We found out a few days later when her lawyer contacted us that we only had state minimum liability coverage, and her medical bills were adding up.”

Mrs. Jones: “The accident ended up in court, and the jury awarded her $150,000. Minimum liability in our state was only $25,000, so that’s all our new insurance company paid for. We lost our house and have liens on our income until the rest of the $125,000 has been paid. This has destroyed our lives. We just had no idea. We thought we were getting the same coverage we had before.”

At the end, it fades to a black screen showing “Mutual Insurers Alliance” and a memorable slogan, along with the logos of Nationwide, SF, and Liberty Mutual as the primary sponsors, and any other smaller mutuals as minority sponsors.

Another commercial could show insurance experts talking in layman’s terms about the cost of claims and how people’s assets are at risk if they don’t have proper coverage tailored to their needs. Outside of the property and casualty industry, these kinds of campaigns already exist. Many are managed by non-profits; we can all think of examples in the medical industry, such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the American Heart Association. Closer to our industry, there is Life Happens which was created by national insurance producer organizations to raise awareness around life insurance, and they sponsor Life Insurance Awareness Month every year.

We’re not saying that this is the only solution, but we are saying that it is the right thing to do for the consumers and that somebody has to do it. We believe the big mutuals are in the best position to do so, but it could be any other combination of coverage and service focused insurers who are willing to put their decades of competing with each other aside to save personal lines from becoming a commodity.

Quoting Commercial Insurance

Tips to help you understand a consultant when he is quoting commercial insurance. Running a commercial establishment is never easy as there are numerous inherent risks involved in the process. Business owners make the best possible effort to run their businesses to keep them profitable.

To protect business from uncertainties, it is important to get it insured. There are few important points to discuss when an advisor is quoting commercial insurance product.

Accidents are waiting to happen almost everywhere and at every instant. As per various indicators, crime rates are at an all time high. Additionally, chances of theft and robbery remain pretty high at any given time. Vandalism, arson and other such accidents result in tremendous loss of property and business goods every year.

Getting a Quote on Commercial Insurance is Very Important

In such a scenario, no business owner can ignore the importance of insurance. Not having the business insured is worst act business owners can commit for their businesses. At the same time, they should avoid being insured in wrong way. It is quite important to be insured with the right package and know applicable insurance amount.

Depending on the type of business, its owner has to get it insured in the right manner. Everyone including commercial property owners, factory owners and store owners should protect their properties against unfavorable incidents. Some of the scenarios which mandate getting insured are discussed in following lines.

Property owners tend to invest in apartments, flats, independent houses and commercial properties. They might ignore the importance of getting their properties secured due to any reason known best to them. One day when they might wake up, they may find their flat, house or any other property burgled. What happens when they did not have their properties insured?

In such an unfortunate scenario, they would have to pay for everything on their own. They would have to pay for every object burgled and its installation charges as well. In this way, they would end up paying for every service and object twice. Quite possibly, they may have to pay higher this time as cost of everything rises almost every other day.

They should get their properties insured against theft and all other possible accidents. This will ensure that the insurance company pays for every single object and installation services. Paying a small amount of premium regularly will protect the investment and provide cover against losses of all kinds. Every single penny paid for this purpose is worth its value.

Similar is the case with factory owners who have to protect their inventory, machines and other stuff. It is important to cover their building and valuable goods against all accidents including fire and theft. Whether any risky process is present or not, they should consider having cover for injuries at work.

In this way, having a cover against accidents of all types is necessary for every business owner. It is important to get information regarding all these points while an advisor is quoting commercial insurance product. This can save every business owner from unnecessary inconvenience later on. On the other hand, ignoring it for the sake of saving few bucks can cost them pretty dearly.

Chemical Resistant Hose – A Widely Preferred Option by Assorted Industries

There are many industrial setups to come across our eyes every day. In addition, there are numerous machines and setups to ensure the production. All of them are different from one another but there is one thing that is present in almost every setup. Those elements are hoses of different types that are perhaps the most unnoticed part of the machine. However, it is advisable for any business runner to be very careful while buying them, as they are the main objects for transferring valuable gases, solids and liquids.

In a factory there are many chemicals and gases, which are not only valuable but also extremely dangerous. A good quality chemical resistant hose not only helps in a successful transfer but also safeguards the life of the people working around. Among the multifarious chemical hoses available in the market, stainless steel braided hose holds high acceptance by the assorted industries. Several companies are upfront in manufacturing this strong chemical resistant hose.

Remarkable properties

These hoses are very much resistible to almost every type of solid, liquid or gas. They are abrasion resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures. In some of the hoses abrasion and fraying is very common due to continuous movement of chemicals and other materials. However, in steel hoses there are lesser chances of the same. These hoses come to use when a company deals in hot fuel, pressured steam, hot water, high or low temperature solids or even gas. They are as useful in extreme conditions as they contain multi layered braided stainless steel covering.

There are many chemicals, which are not compatible with a stainless steel hose. A Teflon flex hose is a type that can serve the purpose well. Their durable and strong material along with super compact design enables them to successfully transfer the chemicals which otherwise are tough to deal with.

Things to consider before buying

Whether metal or nonmetal, it is extremely important to check the compatibility of the hose with the transferring chemicals and materials. In case you find that the appropriate chemical hoses are not available in the market, few companies also manufacture special custom-made hoses for some special requirements. Besides, here are some points, which any buyer should never forget.

Always make a record of dates while purchasing hoses.
Make it a mandate for every day to check the hoses for any damages before the work starts.
Decide and fix a date to change the hoses.
Pre-check the hose compatibility before using it for chemical transfer.
Always ask for guaranteed and pre-checked hoses.
The company representative should check the material test report (MTR), and pressure test certificate before finalizing the deal.

Keeping some effective points in mind regarding the buying chemical resistant hose will ensure high profits along with a safe and healthy work environment in your plant or factory. Several hose manufacturing companies ensure to abide by the above points with every deal they do.

Different Types Of Industrial Equipment Available At The Construction Site

Industrial equipment has an important role in order to maintain a good business. Like a plumber is incomplete without his tools similarly the construction site is incomplete without the equipment.

These Are Following Devices Which Are Used At The Construction Site:-

A Pan Mixer is a device which is used to make a mixture of concrete, sand, cement, etc. The device is used at the construction site to prepare the mixture. The mixture is further used to make buildings, roads, bridges at the construction site. It is a kind of durable and reliable asset which cannot be replaced every third day so that it is essential to buy the equipment wisely. It is energy efficient product which is way better than the manual methods for preparing the concrete mixture. The machine is available in various sizes from which you can choose the product compatible with the size of the construction site.

A Brick Cutting Machine is used to cut through stone, concrete, and bricks effortlessly while keeping the edges of the material fine. The machine works excellently which offers two sizes to cut the bricks. It is an economic solution to cut the stones without any mistake and in two sizes. It works on less power consumption and provides great performance in the combination of less time and easy operation. It works wonders on Floor Tiles, Mosare Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Furnace Brick, and Refractory Brick. The machines cut all types of the tiles precisely and the machine is long lasting.

A Guniting Machine is also known as the dry-gunned concrete machine. The machine is used widely at the construction site to form a thin wall of concrete. The dry concrete is enough damp to stay at the place and doesn’t drip down alike the wet mixture. It is most widely used in the construction processes to make a thin wall of concrete as in spray application of the mixture. The machine has a good feature to adjust the water adjusting itself which keep the mixture enough consistent to stay in the place. The machine requires air pressure to transfer the mixture with the help of a hose pipe. It also has a feature of saving option, which is used to save the remaining concrete mix for later application. When the dry mixture is applied on the surface, it hardens with time on curing which is another added feature of this device. The application of the mix is smooth enough to avoid any shrinkage or cracks on the surface.

A Selection Guide For Buying A Hot Air Oven For Industrial Use

The hot air ovens are used in various industrial applications to sterilize the products. Dry-heat sterilization actually means increasing the temperature of a product to 170°C below average air pressure and keeping the pressure at that heat for approximately one hour. It uses dry heat for the process and the device is specially designed to kill the micro-organism through the process of sterilization. The dry air works efficiently to kill the bacteria and make it fit for use. The device is installed in various industries as well as pharmaceuticals. The process is inexpensive, sporicidal, kills more bacteria, nontoxic, and rapidly microbicidal. The heat penetrates through the product and provides maximum benefits of the process.

Benefits Of Dry Heating A Product Using The Ovens:-

The use of dry heat is fit for the sterilization of the glass wares, most metal instruments, medical instruments, industrial products and many more.
It also contributes to medical and health care besides the industrial application. It kills more bacteria through sterilization in comparison to the moist heating.
Since the process is years old and it doesn’t require any energy or water so it doesn’t involve any of the expenses. The process of sterilization is cost effective because it doesn’t require any material to employ the process.
After the process, when the product is left to cool down it takes lesser time. The item is left inside to cool down because it is dangerous for the operator to take out the heated product.
There are hot air ovens that provide some control options for those who operate it. These options increase the flexibility of the process for them. Since the ovens use dry heat, many productions can look for an energy efficient device for the sterilization of their products. Because of the assortment of control options, hot air oven has become a preferable option among many others.
The hot air oven is a safer option to work with when compared with the autoclave because of the point that it doesn’t require any water and hence load has not built up inside the oven that enables them to be handled delicately in the conditions of a lab.
They are old time techniques but are faster and reach greater temperatures faster when compared to the other method of sterilizing.
Since they use dry heat, some organisms like micro-organisms and bacteria destroyed completely which makes the product 100% bacteria free.