A Selection Guide For Buying A Hot Air Oven For Industrial Use

The hot air ovens are used in various industrial applications to sterilize the products. Dry-heat sterilization actually means increasing the temperature of a product to 170°C below average air pressure and keeping the pressure at that heat for approximately one hour. It uses dry heat for the process and the device is specially designed to kill the micro-organism through the process of sterilization. The dry air works efficiently to kill the bacteria and make it fit for use. The device is installed in various industries as well as pharmaceuticals. The process is inexpensive, sporicidal, kills more bacteria, nontoxic, and rapidly microbicidal. The heat penetrates through the product and provides maximum benefits of the process.

Benefits Of Dry Heating A Product Using The Ovens:-

The use of dry heat is fit for the sterilization of the glass wares, most metal instruments, medical instruments, industrial products and many more.
It also contributes to medical and health care besides the industrial application. It kills more bacteria through sterilization in comparison to the moist heating.
Since the process is years old and it doesn’t require any energy or water so it doesn’t involve any of the expenses. The process of sterilization is cost effective because it doesn’t require any material to employ the process.
After the process, when the product is left to cool down it takes lesser time. The item is left inside to cool down because it is dangerous for the operator to take out the heated product.
There are hot air ovens that provide some control options for those who operate it. These options increase the flexibility of the process for them. Since the ovens use dry heat, many productions can look for an energy efficient device for the sterilization of their products. Because of the assortment of control options, hot air oven has become a preferable option among many others.
The hot air oven is a safer option to work with when compared with the autoclave because of the point that it doesn’t require any water and hence load has not built up inside the oven that enables them to be handled delicately in the conditions of a lab.
They are old time techniques but are faster and reach greater temperatures faster when compared to the other method of sterilizing.
Since they use dry heat, some organisms like micro-organisms and bacteria destroyed completely which makes the product 100% bacteria free.